High Fidelity PPG Sensing

We have designed the highest signal fidelity PPG sensor in the form of a custom IC which is a fraction of the size of all alternative approaches, making it an ideal choice for incorporation into health-aware earbuds.

Wafer of PPG sensors


Smart PPG Constellation

Smart PPG Constellation

A constellation of Senbiosys PPG modules makes every wearable device user specific, leading to a better user experience and lower power consumption.

High Fidelity PPG Sensing

Senbiosys PPG sensors measure raw PPG signals with the highest possible precision, reliability and SNR.
Fully integrated ambient light cancellation ensures robust operation under all conditions.

Lowest Possible Power Consumption

As a result of our sensor’s extremely high sensitivity, the amount of current needed to drive the LED sources in our PPG modules is greatly reduced.


Our custom IC integrates our advanced CMOS image sensor pixel design, analog front end (AFE), and all interface and control circuitry into a single chip.


The Senbiosys chip architecture allows operation in various modes, reducing the need for additional components.

  • PPG (Photoplethysmography)
  • ALS (Ambient Light Sensing)
  • Proximity detection





  • 2 x 2.66 x 0.75 mm³
  • Green, red & IR LEDs
  • Proximity Detection
  • Ambient Light Sensing
  • I²C communication
  • 20 µA

About Us

We have been working since our founding in 2018 to bring the advances in CMOS Image Sensors to the application of the optical detection of health related biometrics – such as heart rate, blood oxygen level and blood pressure – using the technique known as PPG.