What’s inside a fitness tracker?

October 1, 2019

Tracking information such as movement, steps and heart rate are all part of the quantified self movement which has gained in popularity enormously. The right wearable will be based on your individual needs; whether it’s step counting, sleep tracking or 24/7 heart rate tracking, there’s something for everyone.

But do you actually know what sensors are hidden inside the Fitbit or Garmin fitness device sitting on your wrist or your Apple Watch? Read on to find out.

Fitness wearables may have started off no more advanced than a pedometer tracking only movement, but with each passing year they are going further. From motivating you to improve your exercise routine to alerting you of possible illness. In the not too distant future, the sensors will go beyond basic health and fitness functions, to become essential improvement systems that will save lives.

Source: Gadgets & Wearables

Picture: Fitbit