Sony’s upcoming health platform is an easy-to-implement wearable for remote monitoring companies

October 16, 2019

The B2B platform purposefully foregoes the bells and whistles of consumer smartwatches for a simple interface, long battery life and long-term support for clients.

Electronics juggernaut Sony is planning to launch a B2B device platform early next year that will help digital health companies incorporate a straightforward wearable sensor into their existing remote monitoring services.

The mSafety platform — which Sony is previewing today at the Connected Health Conference in Boston — doesn’t look to focus on the apps, color displays or other features that drive tech-savvy users to Apple Watches, Fitbits or other leading consumer smartwatches, Anders Stromberg, head of the wearable platform department in Sony’s European Network Communications group, told MobiHealthNews.

Rather, it wants to deliver an accessible user interface, a secure backend and as few headaches as possible for clients looking to maintain their devices over the long term.

Source: MobiHealthNews