Carmelo Papa is the new chairman of Senbiosys

February 5, 2019

Carmelo Papa, a leading personality in the semiconductor industry is the new chairman of the board of Senbiosys. With more than 30 years of experience in the microelectronics industry, he will help accelerate the growth of Senbiosys and its successful expansion.

Carmelo has successfully grown several businesses in the semiconductor industry and enabled the development of several innovative technologies. His career in the high-tech industry has started after his MSc in physics and has developed very quickly. He has gathered a broad experience for different technologies and in multiple markets. He left recently ST Microelectronics, where he held several executive positions and became executive vice president, leading the Micro, Power & Analog group and the industrial & multi-segments sectors.

Carmelo severed several terms as chairman of the European platform of Smart Systems (EPoSS), an industry-driven initiative focused on innovation in nanotechnologies and smart systems integration. Carmelo remains active in several board of directors.